Call for Papers

17th September 2015: Oral Presentation Finalists:

In alphabetically order:

  • “Linguistic analysis of out of hospital cardiac arrest 999 calls to determine reasons why some bystanders take so long to reach CPR.”
    Dr Eleanor Brooke, Foundation Doctor, Belford Hospital.
  • “Highland Dance Injuries: An Epidemiological Study”
    Dr Joanna Buchan, Surgical Registrar, Scotland.
  • “Peripheral inflammatory cytokines as a predictor of neurodegenerative disease.”
    Mr Wesley Cheung, Medical Student, University of Aberdeen.
  • “Predictors of glycaemic response and impact on weight and BP of dapagliflozin therapy in type 2 diabetes”
    Dr Lyndsey McConnell, GP, Kinlochleven.
  • “Midwifery Management of Early Pregnancy Loss in Remote and Rural Settings”
    Ms Elaine McCover, Senior Charge Midwife, NHS Shetland.
  • “Developing a ward round checklist sticker to improve quality of care and patient safety in a Rehabilitation setting”
    Dr Olivia McKnight, Foundation Doctor, Aberdeen.

All other successful abstract submissions are invited to prepare their poster for the conference – Details here.  Please note, there is a prize for the best poster.

Here is a fantastic opportunity for delegates to submit an abstract, to give a short oral presentation, or display a poster at an international conference.


Abstracts will be accepted from a broad range of healthcare professions, not just mainstream medicine.  We also welcome submissions from professions allied to medicine, and other agencies, charities and organisations, where such abstracts demonstrate good practice, education, innovation and training, in addition to research and scientific abstracts.  This call for papers is not limited to the UK – we welcome submissions from across the world.  We will consider any submission on any aspect of clinical practice.

  • Submissions will be peer reviewed.
  • Submissions will be selected for either oral presentation or poster presentation.
  • Accepted authors will be required to register to attend and present their paper at the conference
  • Prizes for the best paper / poster / presentation will be awarded at the conference


Case Report Prize:

We are holding a case report prize competition during the conference.  We are asking you to write and discuss a case report in 1000 words.  This doesn’t have to be earth-shatteringly rare, just something that made you stop and think, something that changed your practice.  Please write it up using two simple headings:

  • Case report
  • Discussion

Any case report will be considered.  You may include tables, images and diagrams (maximum of 4) but please anonymise these (or your submission WILL be rejected – see the guidelines below).  Please submit your work (MS Word readable format) to the email address given in the pdf file.  Finally, your covering email when submitting must declare that:

  1. the report has not previously been published
  2. the work is your own
  3. you have obtained any necessary consent from patients or others (if appropriate)
  4. there are no conflicts of interest (or declare any possible / potential conflicts of interest).

When preparing your submission, you may wish to consider or bear in mind the shortlisting criteria, which are as follows:

  • Succinct & effective presentation of the case – (4 marks)
  • Choice of case for a general audience – (4 marks)
  • Clarity & explanation of any diagnostic or management dilemma – (4 marks)
  • Quality of english used – (4 marks)
  • Overall impression (of the shortlisting judges) – (4 marks)

The best cases will be invited to present their case reports before a panel of judges drawn from a mixture of disciplines.

Rural healthcare themed Prize:

There are a number of prizes on offer at this international conference.  They are as follows:

  • Best Poster
  • Best Oral Presentation (of the abstracts shortlisted to present)
  • Best Case Report
  • Best Rural-themed submission
Regarding the last Prize above, there will be a separate prize for the best overall rural-themed abstract, paper, poster, oral presentation or case report.  This may be awarded completely separately from all other prizes, or it could be won simultaneously by any of the other prizes. This Rural-themed Prize can be cumulative, (for example, if each prize is £1, then there could be 5 separate winners of £1, or there could be 3 winners of £1 and a 4th wins both case-report AND rural, thereby winning £2). Obviously, you will have realised that the prizes will be substantially larger than £1…